Burnt Offering

by The Daguerreotypes

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Mahtab Sabet
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Mahtab Sabet Poetic lyrics, strong vocals, incredible guitar-playing. Reminiscent of Cat Stevens in musical style and theme, but with a more vulnerable, intimate lyricism.

Can't wait for more music :) Favorite track: Each Moment Passes Lonely.
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abdonoval James's guitar playing is impeccable. This is an EP of wonderful, organic compositions, lovely lyrics, and a special warmth. Favorite track: I'd Love to Be Your Lover.
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I cower before you and beg for mercy; you comply by effecting my complete destruction.

I wake up pink and raw, like a well-scrubbed boy, blinking with wonder into the surf and shore. My nose is filled with the smell of salt, my ears with gulls and endless roaring.

My hair is newly blond and I am naked, my small frame lithe and leonine—each muscle with its own special economy. This, for turning my head just so. That, for drumming idly on my belly. My hazel eyes now a deep living brown, like flesh beneath the sun.

I drink from rock pools and eat the prawns that gather there. My stomach has learned to digest the coarse grass of the dunes. I sing to myself in strange languages and modes that were forgotten before they existed.

The songs signify nothing. They would be songs of praise, or maybe even laments that ache from your absence, but with my first death you have also snapped the neck of all of my memories. You are no more real to me than the places beyond these dunes.

Each morning brings new demented gratitude. I stand staring dumbly on the shore and feel the water lapping at my feet. The waves are friendly tongues of bewildered dogs, welcoming me between horizons.


released June 11, 2016

Recorded by Ivan Mihoci and Galen Humber. Mixed by Ivan Mihoci. Emblem for the Daguerreian Sodality designed by Na'im Moore.

Thanks to the Farr, Jackson, and Samimi-Moore families. Thanks to Ivan for his patience and perseverance. Thanks to all who have shown me kindness and encouragement. This album is for Shirin, who sees the beauty in my dissonance.

“Hallowed be the Lord, the most excellent of all creators!” – Bahá’u’lláh



all rights reserved


The Daguerreotypes Minneapolis, Minnesota

Self is not a temple that falls on your head, it's a hard silver hammer that's placed in your hand

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Track Name: The King's Harvest
In the daytime I marvel at the sun and the rain
I am a beast full of rejoicing
Til nighttime reminds me of my lonely bed
And in it I lie awake wondering
The world grows swollen, our place in it grows small
I abide in the weaving of meaning
A coat or a cloak to keep out the cold
To warm the baby there weaning

The small frozen sparrow I pressed to my chest
Said, “the language of your life is longing
It threshes your throat, it harrows your hope
Until you’re fit for the king’s harvest”
Track Name: I'd Love to Be Your Lover
If I were the sun
I could kiss your skin and clothes
I’d illuminate your beauty
I’d bring gladness to your soul
And I would wake you every morning
With the hard work of my love
I’d love to be your lover
But I’d settle for the sun

If I were the wind
I would whisper in your ear
I would bless you with my silence
Then run my fingers through your hair
I could be cold and make you closer
To the ones you’re standing with
I’d love to be your lover
But I’d welcome being the wind

If I were the ground
I would hold you high above
I’d raise daisies for your pleasure
Trees would testify my love
And I would guard your body in the soil
When your soul was heaven bound
I’d love to be your lover
But I’d be glad to be the ground

I’m sure this world’s a wonder
For those who wander hand in hand
And I know this world was built for loving
But I am not sure I am
Oh mother, make me elemental
So she can feel my perfect love
Because my hands, my mouth, my eyes, my mind
Could never be enough
Track Name: Self Is Not a Temple
Self is not a temple
That falls on your head
It’s a hard silver hammer
That’s placed in your hand

Spread before my vision
A multitude of lives
Murmuring cries for mercy
Only one can survive

Self is not a temple
That falls on your head
It’s a hard silver hammer
That’s placed in your hand

Who will survive this journey?
To the red wet gaping mouth of the grave
I have burned my coat of many colours
I am pliant and plain

Self is not a temple
That falls on your head
It’s a hard silver hammer
That’s placed in your hand

The moments bring new murder
To the beat of drum and fife
I am killer, I am creator
Every second is a knife

It’s so hard to know
Who becomes you the best
And who will be waiting
When you lay down to rest

But self is not a temple
That falls on your head
It’s a hard silver hammer
That’s placed in your hand
Track Name: Each Moment Passes Lonely
Beside every life I lead
A thousand more lie asleep
Dreamless and lidless they wait
For a choice of mine to make them awake

I’m in love with this
This is all there is

Each moment passes lonely
Passes this way once only
Our memory just an elegy
For what passes this way once lonely

I’m in love with this
This is all there is

Crowned in leaves and clover
I crawled naked from the grove
With coins of joy and pain
Falling around me in sheets of rain

I’m in love with this
This is all there is
Track Name: Justify Me
My labour vindicates me
My busy days are happy
Building the worlds for me to
Disappear into then give to you

But in the still of evening
In the rookery I am roosting
Waiting for you to find me
To bind me, define me, to justify me

The soul of man it stands complete
It walks above all worldly need
But the body yearns to unify
I’m kneeling and waiting

Justify me

I am a lonely beast who
Is longing to be released through
Rattling the bars of my life
By howling at stars in the night

But I know that you can tame me
You can give me a home and name me
And you need a real companion
To close the lips of the canyon

The soul of man it stands complete
The love of God its only need
But the body yearns to unify
I’m lying in wait here

Justify me